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Welcome The
InspireU Network

InspireU Network

The InspireU Network is not only a television platform. It's a movement. Our ultimate desire and goal is to provide mind-shifting, thought-provoking, impactful content in hopes of bridging the gap between inspiration and implementation by providing tangible tools and resources to help others connect the dots and reignite their fire to become true change agents within their sphere of influence.


The InspireU Network is a safe space for creatives to amplify their voices on a global platform and share their message with the masses.

TV Network in the United States


Our vision is to not only inspire but also provide tools and resources of implementation to help our viewers reach their highest potential while impacting billions across the globe.

You can catch us on the following platforms:

Apple Tv
Google Playstore
Amazon Fire TV

Want to host on our network?

We are always interested in fresh content from creative minds who are looking for an algorithm free platform to amplify their voices and share their messages with the masses.

To learn more please visit to schedule a call today!

We offer 30 and 60 minute show slots that can air weekly or on-demand.

P.S. We also teach our show hosts how to monetize their shows and create additional streams of income

This platform is perfect for coaches, entrepreneurs, radio hosts, pod casters, content creators, ministry leaders etc...


Would You Like to Promote with Us?

We also offer promotional packages that include television features, commercials, and billboard advertising to increase your brand awareness and expand your visibility.

For commercial opportunities, please visit

Would You Like to Promote
with Us?

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