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The InspireU Awards 

The InspireU Awards was created to showcase and spotlight innovative creators, influential thought-leaders, and brilliant brand-builders who are consistently providing value and inspiring those within their communities.

Nominations for The InspireU Awards Ceremony & Fundraising Gala have ended,BUT here’s how you can partner with the event:

To be considered for a Press Pass, click the button below.

To become an official sponsor of The InspireU Network

Click the button below.

To attend our awards ceremony & fundraising gala

Click the button below.

The categories include:

●    Coach of the Year
●    Speaker of the Year
●    Podcast of the Year
●    Favorite Lifestyle Show (on The InspireU Television Network)
●    Favorite Talk Show (on The InspireU Television Network
●    Viewer’s Choice (favorite television host on the network)

●    Nonfiction Author of the Year
●    Fiction Author of the Year
●    Faith-based Author of the Year
●    Devotional of the Year
●    Impactful Journal Award
●    Children’s Author of the Year
●    Anthology of the Year
●    Personal Development/Self Help Author of the Year
●    Leadership Book of the Year

The winners in each category will receive:

●    Life-long bragging rights
●    Trophy
●    Exclusive red carpet interview

There will be 2 Grand Prize Winners in the category of authors and television host!!!

The Grand Prize winners will receive:
●    $500 cash prize
●    FREE television advertising on The InspireU Network
●    Press release to promote their brand
●    Billboard
●    Exclusive red carpet interview
●    And other cool prizes

Are you an author?

If so, we encourage you to submit the book for an award!

All winners for each category will win:
●    Trophy
●    Exclusive red carpet interview


The Grand Prize winner will receive:
●    $500 cash prize
●    Book featured on our site for 1 year (value of $5
●    Free television advertising on The InspireU Network for 1 year (value of $10K)

●    Exclusive red carpet interview
●    Press release (value of $3K)
●    Billboard (value of $2K)


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