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The InspireU Awards 

The InspireU Awards was created to showcase and spotlight innovative creators, influential thought-leaders, and brilliant brand-builders who are consistently providing value and inspiring those within their communities.

The categories include:

●    Coach of the Year
●    Speaker of the Year
●    Podcast of the Year
●    Favorite Lifestyle Show (on The InspireU Television Network)
●    Favorite Talk Show (on The InspireU Television Network
●    Viewer’s Choice (favorite television host on the network)

●    Nonfiction Author of the Year
●    Fiction Author of the Year
●    Faith-based Author of the Year
●    Devotional of the Year
●    Impactful Journal Award
●    Children’s Author of the Year
●    Anthology of the Year
●    Personal Development/Self Help Author of the Year
●    Leadership Book of the Year

We have several categories and nominations are happening NOW!

The winners in each category will receive:

●    Life-long bragging rights
●    Trophy
●    Exclusive red carpet interview

There will be 2 Grand Prize Winners in the category of authors and television host!!!

The Grand Prize winners will receive:
●    $500 cash prize
●    FREE television advertising on The InspireU Network
●    Press release to promote their brand
●    Billboard
●    Exclusive red carpet interview
●    And other cool prizes

Are you an author?

If so, we encourage you to submit the book for an award!

All winners for each category will win:
●    Trophy
●    Exclusive red carpet interview


The Grand Prize winner will receive:
●    $500 cash prize
●    Book featured on our site for 1 year (value of $5
●    Free television advertising on The InspireU Network for 1 year (value of $10K)

●    Exclusive red carpet interview
●    Press release (value of $3K)
●    Billboard (value of $2K)



For books to be considered, we must receive a physical copy of the book as our committee will be reading each copy.

You may submit your book for 2 categories. 

All submissions include a $75 fee (per category)

Whether your book is chosen as a finalist, your name and title will still receive recognition by being printed in our awards ceremony program!

To submit your book, please click the button 


Who’s your favorite inspirational speaker?

Click the button below and nominate them today


Who’s your favorite podcast host?

Click the button below and nominate them today


Are you a coach who committed to serving your community?

Do you know a coach who is dominating the industry?
If so, click the button below and nominate yourself or someone you know today!

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