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Get to know Dr. Shamieka Dean

Let's start with the basics - tell us a bit about yourself! What's your story Dr., and how did you become the award-winning, #1 best-selling author and marketing guru you are today?

I am Dr. Shamieka Dean. And yes, I am an award-winning business owner, #1 best-selling author, marketing solutionist, and thought leader. I’ve been featured on platforms such as Steve Harvey, TEDX, Thinkific, TubeBuddy, and Zapier.

My genius is marketing and business growth strategy. My gift is helping individuals change their belief systems through the power of perspective. Belief systems become birthing systems. As we shift our belief systems, we change the things we birth in our lives. My goal is to change lives and legacies on a global scale. The foundation is faith and family first.

While I’ve seen faith and family become a marketing strategy for many in my industry, faith and family is not a fad for me. It is truly a life I live and enjoy. It is the foundation from which everything else flows.

I believe that you operate on a different frequency when your relationship with God and the people who matter the most are in right standing. It’s all about alignment for me, because alignment activates acceleration. Alignment brings about a sense of peace and ease in your life.

We love a good success story! Can you share an inspirational moment from your journey with us? And while you're at it, what's one piece of advice you'd give to someone going through a tough time?

I had an experience similar to Craig from the movie Friday, where he was fired on his day off. Although I didn't steal boxes, I was terminated on the day I was supposed to get my annual raise which came as a complete shock because I thought I was on my way to climbing up the corporate ladder.

Although it felt like it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me--being unemployed with 3 children, a house full of bills, a husband who was also unemployed at the time due to just getting out of the military--it became the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I went from broke, scraping change from the floor of our car to feed our family, to generating over seven figures in revenue in four years.

I went from being terminated by the company to having my own office across the highway where I made more in one day than I made the entire year on that old job.

My advice to someone currently facing what seems like the worst thing that could ever happen to them is that it is not the end; it is the beginning of the next best chapter of your life.

So, what's new in your world? Any exciting projects or services that you're currently working on?

My next amazing project is Rest is the New Revenue, which is a business model that doesn't require you to work yourself into exhaustion, sacrificing your sleep, sanity, relationships, and personal life to have unlimited financial success.

Join the waitlist by visiting

We're all about helping others succeed - how can someone benefit from your latest project or offering? What kind of results can they expect to see?

Rest is the New Revenue is a mindset and method that will help you make more money in less time, making leaps and bounds in your business without hustling or sacrificing yourself or your family.

The Rest is the New Revenue experience focuses on four pillars:

  • Spiritual Alignment - Realigning your life and relationship with God so that you can have peace and profit, strengthen your relationships and love what you do again. The more connected you are spiritually, the more clear you are mentally, and the more clutter free you are emotionally.

  • Structure - Building your business around your life so that you don't have to build your life around your business. Build success your way so you don't fear being left out or behind.

  • Systems - Creating streamlined systems and automated workflows so you'll have a well-oiled profit-producing machine without the stress.

  • Support - Hiring the right people so your business runs and generates revenue without you, and you don't have to hustle until it hurts.

Before attending Rest is the New Revenue:

  • You’re making money, but you’re hustling.

  • You’re working more than 40 hours a week.

  • Your lead generation is sporadic which impacts consistent cash flow.

  • You’re sacrificing the family you prayed for to accomplish your goals.

  • You’re anxious, overwhelmed, fearing being left behind and stressed trying to fill an internal void.

After attending Rest is the New Revenue:

  • You’re in a place of ease, grace, and peace.

  • You’re making the money you want to make without sacrificing your health or loved ones to get it.

  • You're fulfilled with the work you're doing and the impact you're making.

  • You’re experiencing the freedom and flexibility of financial success without the burden of it.

  • You’re in flow, fulfillment, and flourishing.

Let's get personal for a second. What are three things about you that most people wouldn't guess or know?

Oh, this is a fun one! Well, first off, I worked as a prison guard at an all-male facility for over three years - definitely not your typical job! And on a completely different note, I also hold a Master's Degree in Information Technology, which surprises some people since they might not think of me as a tech expert. But, you know, I like to keep things interesting! And lastly, here's a little confession for you - I'm absolutely terrified of green-tree frogs. I know, it sounds silly, but they just give me the heebie-jeebies!

We all have those moments when we feel defeated. So, who or what do you turn to for inspiration and motivation?

I draw all of my strength and inspiration from the power of prayer and in the presence of God. I also draw inspiration from rest.

If this chapter of your life had a title, what would it be? And why did you choose that name?

This chapter of my life would be called: THE ALIGNED SHIFT. For the past few years, I have been shifting from a place of comfort to true alignment in my calling.

I found myself very comfortable doing what I was great at. However, I was also very unfulfilled, and there was a void. Although financially, I was in the best place of my career, and I knew I was called to make a bigger impact in the lives of others. I was playing it safe until I became so internally unsatisfied that I had to dig deeper and make a decision to fully align with who I was called to be and what I was created to do.

Life can be tough sometimes, but we believe there's always hope. What's one message of encouragement you'd like to share with someone who's feeling overwhelmed right now?


Oftentimes, when you feel overwhelmed, this is a sign that you are out of alignment and you have begun to operate in your own strength. When you surrender to God, He gives you the strength you need to come out of that place of overwhelm. You will find rest when you let go and let God.

Lastly, we want to support you and your brand! What's one thing that someone can do right now to help spread the word about your amazing work?

Join the waitlist for The Rest is the New Revenue Experience and share with a friend! Visit to join now.

We want to stay connected! What's the best way to reach you online and offline?

Email me at

Visit my website:

Instagram: @drshamiekadean

Facebook: Dr. Shamieka Dean

In conclusion, Dr. Shamieka Dean is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business and marketing, with a gift for helping individuals change their belief systems and achieve success. Her journey from being fired from a corporate job to generating over seven figures in revenue is an inspiring testament to her resilience and determination.

From her foundation in faith and family, to her unique career path as a prison guard, to her academic achievements, and even her fear of green-tree frogs, Dr. Dean's story is a reminder that there's always more to someone than meets the eye.

It's clear that "Rest is the New Revenue" event in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is not to be missed by entrepreneurs looking to build a business without hustling and sacrificing themselves or their families.

Thank you, Dr. Shamieka Dean, for sharing your insights and inspiring story with us.

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