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Get to know Melody Willis

Updated: Jan 4

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Thanks for taking the time to sit with us today. Please introduce yourself to our audience.

My name is Melody Willis. I'm a wife, mother of 4, and grandmother of 1. I have been an entrepreneur for 15 years of a Tax and Financial Firm. Since then, I've started my first Non-Profit for domestic violence survivors called, Overcoming Butterflies Facility Inc.

Oh wow, I love the name of your organization. Speaking of overcoming, can you please share a testimony of how you overcame a situation that you thought would overtake you?

I'm a Domestic Violence Overcomer!

In August 2017, while some were preparing for the storm, I was fighting for my life. I had a major stroke.

I was physically, mentally, and emotionally abused for years. I faced many challenges and was just trying to survive, working a 9-5, trying to build a business to leave for my kids and generations to come, being a mother and a wife to a man that broke me mentally and emotionally, and I allowed it for 17 years.

After being released from the hospital, I didn't look back. I understood that silence hides violence. So, in 2019 I decided to take back my power and my voice. I created my first conference in December 2019. I wanted to create not just a platform for myself but for others. A safe place where survivors can come together, heal, and not be judged. I almost allowed fear to stop me when I decided to create this platform. I found myself worried about what others would say, and I had a lot of sleepless nights.

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd? I had people around but still felt unseen. There were times when I even questioned God's presence. I remember asking God to please protect my children and me. At my lowest, I remember a time when I no longer wanted to live and considered suicide. But as I reflect, I now see that the plan I thought was for my life was not God's.

For those currently in an abusive relationship, you are stronger than you think. It's not our job to fix them; that's God's job. We can never receive what God has for us if our hands are closed. We have to release everything that no longer serves us so we can receive everything God has for us. Will it be hard? Yes, but each day it will get easier. Even in our darkest hour, God will never leave nor forsake us. Don't trust the process, but trust God in the process.

What a testimony!!! Thank you for your transparency. You mentioned a safe space for domestic violence survivors. Do you have any events coming soon?

My non-profit, "Overcoming Butterflies Facility Inc, is celebrating its 2nd annual conference. The theme is "Removing the Mask for Domestic Violence Survivors." It is scheduled for January 14th in Houston, Texas, and you can register at:​

That is so awesome. I am sure the attendees will have a blast. Now Melody, please share 3 fun facts about yourself.

Sure thing! I can bake, I don't have a middle name, and my celebrity crush is Johnny Gill.

Haha! I love it! Now let's switch gears a bit. When you feel frustrated or defeated, where do you draw inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from the cycles of a butterfly. As a caterpillar, we experience pain, hurt, sadness, happiness, and joy, to name a few. But God will protect His children even when He knows we have made bad choices and mistakes. He will place us in a cocoon to deal with us in a place where it may seem dark and scary.

We want victory, but God knows if He gives it to us right away, we will abuse or mismanage the blessing. He knows that the wrong people surround us, so in that stage, He will reveal and expose, and even though it will hurt, God is a God of restoration and renewal, and He will heal where it hurts.

So, when it's time to become that beautiful butterfly, we know that it wasn't man that brought us out; it was only GOD. God's timing is ALWAYS perfect, and when the timing is right, we will become that beautiful, strong butterfly, He created us to be.

If you could entitle this chapter of your life, what would you call it, and why?


As I look back, I can't help but be thankful and praise God that I don't look like what I have been through. I have endured some storms that should have killed me, and I know I wouldn't be here today if God's hands were not on my life. So, no longer will I just survive; I'm determined to thrive and overcome ever

y battle that comes my way.,

That's powerful! What inspirational message would you share with someone who is overwhelmed with life at the moment?

In the words of my Pastor CDR, "Despite everything that's trying to break you, and everyone who's trying to hurt you. In the midst of whatever is trying to depress you, people who are devoted to going against you or don't believe in you continue to fight for your peace, believe God for your deliverance, and know that it's working for your good!

When you ask God for a promotion, the enemy will cause a commotion that makes you feel like you're in demotion, but remember, God's plan is already in motion."

Thanks for all you have shared today Melody! What's the best way our audience can reach you on and offline?

The best way to contact me is through my social media page Instagram MrsMelodyWillis.

Facebook Melody Willis or via email

Awesome! What's one thing someone could do right now to support your brand?

Share/Like our page social media pages. We are in need of sponsors and donations to be able to help more women and men with shelter, food, clothing, and personal items.

Here at The InspireU Network, we are always looking to highlight those who have inspirational stories to share, as well as spotlight brands.

If you are interested in being featured, please email

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