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Let's Meet Coach Max

Get to know Coach Max

Hi Coach Max, it's great to have you with us. Can you tell us more about yourself and your background?

Of course! I'm a retired, divorced mom of a 5-year-old princess, Lyric. I started my career in the network marketing/direct sales industry in 2015 and built teams, teaching many people how to earn additional income for the first time in their lives online. After much success in the industry, I realized that it was time to serve a whole different audience - other entrepreneurs.

That's impressive! Can you share with us an inspirational testimony regarding your journey and include a piece of advice you'd give to anyone currently facing what you have successfully overcome?

Sure! Some of the biggest challenges I faced in my journey were dealing with a lack of support at home, struggling as a mother, fake friends, jealousy, and financial burdens. To overcome these difficult challenges, I had to talk myself into believing in my own vision. Part of that was when I was broke, I would speak into existence that my goals were already done. And low and behold over time, I manifested and co-created the life I actually wanted even if certain people were no longer around. I began to understand I had to re-invent myself and so I spoke everything into existence until it finally happened for me. So, my advice is to be sure to always speak life over yourself no matter your circumstances, and don't wait for anyone else to do it.

You have been working on several mentorship programs through your two businesses, can you tell us more about them and how we can benefit from them?

Right now, I'm working on mentorship programs through my two businesses - The Elevation Agency and The Trade Authority. The Elevation Agency helps people strategize how to make their money work for them. Through that business, I found a passion for being a coach and speaking life into others.

The Trade Authority helps people learn the skillset of trading in the financial markets and investing. Working with me, you will learn how to invest in the financial markets properly. You will learn how to manage your life better, how to be a full-time entrepreneur if that's your desire, how to kick off an online business, and all of the bells and whistles in between to living an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

It sounds like your mentorship programs offer a lot of value! Can you share three facts about yourself that others typically wouldn't guess or do not know?

Sure! One, I sing and I rap - back in the day, I used to write, produce, and engineer my own music. Two, I love science, and always wanted to become a doctor since I was in pre-school, but couldn't afford the pre-med program. Three, one of my favorite places to be is your traditional library.

During moments when you feel defeated, who, what, or where do you draw inspiration from?

I have several inspirations in my life, but my biggest inspiration is my daughter Lyric. I have been able to be there for her in every capacity and not miss her first steps, her first words, and her first milestones, because I am a full-time entrepreneur. I want the same experience that I have in motherhood to be passed on to other moms out there.

My second biggest inspiration is my students. When I see them winning and successful because they implemented the strategies and techniques I have taught them, it makes me so happy. It reignites my reason as to why I do this.

If you could entitle this chapter of your life, what would you call it, and explain why?

This chapter of my life is called Implementing The Plan.

I chose this title because I have been writing my life plan for years, but in the last few, it took a wild turn for me, and now finally, I feel like I can implement some strategies and things in my life plan because I do have the resources to do so around me, which is such a blessing.

What inspirational message would you share with someone who is feeling overwhelmed with life at this moment?

For someone feeling overwhelmed at the moment, I would tell them to just breathe. Even though the light at the end of the tunnel may seem very small and minimal, there is a light there. Always remember when you're at the bottom, the only way you can go is UP.

Lastly, what's the one thing someone could do right now to support your business/brand?

Hit the Follow/Like/Share Button on any of my social media platforms. A simple like can go a long way and bring awareness to the information I am sharing with the world.

How can someone, a client, or a supporter contact you online and offline?

You can reach me at:

In conclusion, Coach Max's story is one of perseverance and determination.

She has overcome numerous challenges in her journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and mentor. Her mentorship programs offer valuable knowledge and skills for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Coach Max is an inspiration to many and her advice to speak life over oneself is something we can all learn from. If you want to support her business and stay up to date with her latest releases, follow her on social media.

Thanks for checking out our latest feature! If you or someone you know has an inspirational story to share, we'd love to highlight your brand and introduce you to our global audience.

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