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Let's wine down with Kaye Jackson

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Happy New Year! It's an honor to speak with you today. Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi, I'm Kaye Jackson! I'd like to think that I have an infectious spirit, a wonderful soul, and a big heart—and in everything I do, my mission is to help others achieve their goals by sharing my own experiences.

I view myself as a leader who's innovative, sets out to accomplish goals, and just gets things done. I help others arrive at their destinations and enjoy being a great mom to my two boys and an extraordinary wife—which are also equally fruitful for me.

And ultimately, my mission is to inspire others every day by setting examples of what it means to be strong both inside and out. I believe that we all need to pursue our passions in life and make a difference wherever possible.

That's beautiful. Speaking of passions, what's yours?

So, I founded The Random Whine, a company that makes handcrafted wines and is best paired with random conversations.

I started this company because I was tired of the same old wines out there. There's nothing wrong with them, but I wanted something different. Something that would make my friends laugh when they saw it on my table or something that would get me talking to people who didn't usually talk to me. So I made a wine that would get people talking—and now we're here.

I want my wines to be something that people remember. Something that makes them smile when they think about it or laugh at the memory of a conversation they had with someone while drinking it. I want my wines to bring people together and make them feel like they're part of something bigger than themselves, you know? Something special.

Love it!!! Do you have anything new on TRW's catalog? Is there anything we should be looking out for?

Oh, I'm glad you asked. I'm so excited to announce the expansion of our current wine line-up!

We've heard from many customers that they really want to try all kinds of wines, but they're not sure where to start. And, you know, we want you to be able to try as many different types of wine as you like, so we've created this new line of wines that are designed to accommodate a broad range of tastes.

We're so excited to announce that we're expanding our wine line! We know that you guys love wine, and we want to make sure there's something for everyone.

So, we've got a Red Blend, which is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds—it's smooth and robust; Pinot Grigio, a crisp and refreshing white with just the right hint of sweetness; Sweet Red, which is exactly what it sounds like—if you love red but want something a little sweeter than your typical cabernet sauvignon or merlot, this is the one; Moscato, which is a sparkling sweet white with a hint of fruitiness and herbal notes; Pinot Noir, which has more depth than Pinot Grigio but less sweetness than Moscato—it's a great balance of flavor and complexity if you're looking for something different; and Brut, which is crisp and not too sweet, and definitely great for those who don't like their champagne too bubbly and have a bit of an aversion to sweetness.

We think this line will be perfect for anyone who wants to expand their wine horizons or for someone who already knows what they like but wants to try something new, and I can't wait for everyone to try it.

That sounds like a lovely catalog. Now, apart from your undoubtedly stellar wines, what else should prospective customers know about TRW?

I think it's the perfect "anytime" gift, and I know that our customers buy it for all kinds of occasions: weddings and birthdays, casual get-togethers, get-well gifts, romantic holidays—even gag gifts.

And it's not just about the wine. A portion of every bottle we sell goes to a local cancer organization called Loving Arms Cancer Outreach, which is an advocacy of mine, so you can feel good knowing that your purchase helps support a worthy cause while you enjoy some delicious wine.

Plus, we've got over 60 stores in the Atlanta area and are currently expanding to other states—so if you want to find us near you, you probably will. Everybody loves convenience!

Wow!!! It sounds like you've built a solid brand. Please share a few setbacks you've experienced on your journey to success. We'd love to know how you were able to overcome.

I think one of the biggest roadblocks to success has been dealing with scammers. I knew that it would be hard to build a business, but I didn't realize how many people would try to take advantage of me because they saw an opportunity.

When we first started, we had consultants who were blatantly stealing from us. We also had people working for us who were stealing from us too. It's a very scary thing when you feel like someone you trusted has taken advantage of you.

You can't really "cope" with that feeling—you just have to learn from it and move on. We've removed those people from our business as gracefully as possible and moved on to people who support the mission of our brand.

Finding and building a team that supports our mission has made it easier for me to cope with these kinds of situations.

Oh my! I can only imagine how challenging that must've been. I am happy to hear that TRW is expanding! What else do you have coming down the pipeline?

We've got a full-scale expansion of the brand in the works.

First, we'll be expanding beyond Georgia and into additional states. Our roadmap and expansion plan are underway and moving quickly, so you'll start seeing TRW products in more places soon.

Second, you can expect to see the brand in some upcoming movies and major award shows. We're working with some major players in the entertainment industry to get our products into the hands of celebrities who'd love our brand.

And finally, we'll be served at some prominent award shows this year, as well—we can't tell you which ones yet (because they haven't been announced), but we'll give you a heads up when they are.

That's absolutely amazing news! With all of this success around, how do you manage to keep track of it all while maintaining balance while keeping yourself grounded?

I've always been a person who prays, so that's probably the biggest thing. I also make sure to rest and take time for myself. Sometimes I'm just not able to do it all—and that's okay. It's important to recognize that you can't be great at everything, so when I need help, I ask for it.

Prayer is a major key! As well as learning to delegate. Those things together are really the keys to success. And speaking of success, what does that mean to you? How would you define it?

Success for me looks like sustainable growth, and that means making sure we're helping others weather it—whether that's getting started in this business or being able to give job opportunities to other people.

Most of all, though, it's a way to give back and for me to help folk who are in need of additional support and care who have been diagnosed with cancer. I'm really proud of the work that we've done so far, and I am looking forward to how much more we can do.

Yes!!! I'm definitely here for all of this! You mentioned giving back; it that something you also do for yourself? Are there any self-care practices that you live by?

I absolutely prioritize self-care. Absolutely.

I don't just get manicures and pedicures on a whim—I put my appointments on my calendar, and I don't move them unless it's necessary. You have to schedule your appointments for those little pockets of joy so that you can make sure you're getting the time you need to feel good about yourself. And not just physically—you also need to take some time each morning for spiritual healing. Taking some time each day to meditate or pray has huge benefits for your mental health. For me, it helps me focus on where my strengths are instead of what's going wrong in my life right now.

Counseling can also be beneficial during the entrepreneurial journey—it allows someone else who knows nothing about what's going on with my career or any other areas of stress in my life to help guide me through everything that's happening inside.

That's wisdom, as well as timeless advice. We've reached the end of our time together, but before you go, is there anything else you'd like to share with our audience? Also, how can we support you?

The biggest thing you can do to support is to go out and ask for The Random Whine. It doesn't matter where you live or which restaurant or store you're in—just ask for the wine and let them know they should get it!

As people learn about our wine and request it, we have more resources to make more. The bigger our production, the greater number of people who can enjoy visiting us at the vineyard or tasting a glass in their local bar.

So, if you love it as much as we do, then try asking for it the next time you go out. And if you already love it and have been drinking it for years, just keep doing what you're doing and keep buying bottles, as we greatly appreciate the love and support.

Please visit for more information regarding our products.

Photo Cred: Mo Lima Photography

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