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age·​less | \ ˈāj-ləs

Updated: Oct 6, 2022


  • never appearing to grow old

  • lasting for a long time

  • not growing old or showing the effects of age

Forget the dictionary’s definition. Being ageless is all about mindset to me. I’m not one to flaunt my age so most times I get mistaken for at least ten years younger. I accept the compliment but know that looking younger is not my goal. Ageless is about living your best life and being your best self at your current age. Forget about your age – I do. Most times when someone is bold enough to ask my age I must think about it before I answer. I choose not to let numbers limit me. As I started to come into who I am in my 40s I also began to feel like us ladies in our 40s and 50s are the forgotten ones. For example, in my church there are groups for kids, GenZ and millennials, and the “silver circle” (those who are 60+).

I don’t fit in any of those categories. I’m in the sweet spot between Girlfriends and Golden Girls (two of my favorite shows). So, what about the “aunties” as women in my age range are called? There was nothing specifically for us. I noticed this in other areas and decided I wanted to create a space to chat about things that my Gen X sisters can relate to. So, ladies if you’re in your 40s or 50s and feeling like it’s too late for you to pursue a goal or dream or if you feel you’re too — (I don’t use the “o”word) then this is for you. Our 40’s come with changes, some not so good and some involve adjusting to life changes, but I’ve had some of my best

accomplishments in my 40s. I’ll share my stories and experiences with the hope of inspiring you to either move on a goal or dream that has been put aside or share stories of your own. Let go of limiting beliefs. If you can breathe, there is still time

to pursue that goal, follow that dream, and live with purpose. Ageless is about doing what feels good and being true to you.

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