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Tv Shows

We are always interested in fresh content from creative minds who are looking for an algorithm free platform to amplify their voices and share their messages with the masses.


We offer 30 and 60 minute show slots that can air weekly or on-demand.


This platform is perfect for coaches, entrepreneurs, radio hosts, pod casters, content creators, ministry leaders etc...


To learn more please visit to schedule a call today!


P.S. We also teach our show hosts how to monetize their shows and create additional streams of income.

Want to host on our network?

Dr. Nathan Culver

Mastery Talks With Dr. Nathan

Nathan Culver

Wednesday 7:00 AM EST 

A show focused on empowering and inspiring entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals to become game changing industry leaders.

Tuesday 7:00 PM CST

Latanza Warren

This show is directed towards women who have been in or are currently in devaluing and/or narcissistic relationships. Being in these relationships can leave you feeling devalued, a feeling of not enough and wondering what you did to deserve this. I was that person and I now help women who are presently going through this. I want to not only share with them but also bring guest on that have come out of this type of relationship victorious.

The Valuable You

Latanza Warren

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Megan Bruiners- Amplify
Your Voice

Megan Bruiners

Thursday 1:00 PM EST

The Tv show was created for Faith-based authors, Kingdom creatives, and coaches to use their voices in the marketplace. It aims to highlight overcomer stories, merge Business with Faith, and showcase entrepreneurs blazing a trail in their sphere of influence. If you impact one life at a time with your unique message, you have the potential to influence the nation. We help you to expand your reach globally as you change the narrative in your communities and fulfill your purpose.

The M.I.N.D (Moving In New Directions) Series

Annette Morris

Thursday 7:00 PM CST

The MIND Series will be a 30minute show highlighting the journey of entrepreneurship, the good bad ugly and how the journey has impacted their lives mentally and physically. The show will inspire aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to keep pushing while teaching them different ways to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Annette Morris.png

Tasheba York-LeBlanc

Tasheba LeBlanc

Sisters Shifting the Nation

Thursdays at 8:00 PM CST 

Sisters Shifting the Nation is a segment that cultivates wholeness and spiritual growth, knowing who you are and living in your greatness. The topics will focus on positive mindset, overcoming trauma, building better family and marital relationships, and growing in Christ. You can expect real conversations, dealing with real issues, that will leave you propelled the to grow into your best self, unapologetically.

Tanisha's Traveling Bag

Tanisha Mackin

Wednesday 8:00 PM EST

Inspiring people to travel rather they are on a budget or not. We will be providing reviews on accommodations, restaurants, experiences, activities and etc. We will also be giving traveling tips, local finds and more.

Tanisha Mackins
Dareyelle Avant

Unmute Yourself With Darey

Dareyelle Avant

Thursday 7:00 PM EST

UnmuteYourself with Darey is a podcast show that is not afraid to discuss issues or topics that can affect us. Rather it be social issues, church problems, or worldly trends; UnmuteYourself believes that we can heal with one conversation at a time.

The Mother of Change Show

Emmasara McMillion

Monday 9:00 PM EST

The Mother of Change Show hosted by the McMillions, is a personal development show for moms and adult daughters. Each episode offers uplifting and empowering content to help you navigate the challenges of motherhood, relationships, and work/life balance. With interviews, expert advice, and personal stories, 

The Mother of Change Show is the perfect show for moms and daughters looking to grow and thrive. Tune in and to be equipped and inspired by moms and daughters from around the nation. 

The Mother of Change Show will change the world!

Vitamin M Artwork 2.png

Marchelle Sterling: Vitamin M- Motivation With Marchelle Sterling

Marchelle Sterling

Sunday 6:30 PM CST

Vitamin M is a highly recommended dose of motivation that is ensured to inspire your entire week. Vitamin M is never a hard pill to swallow, always going down smooth leaving immediate positive thoughts. Vitamin M is suitable for everyone. This vitamin instantly lights a fire that challenges your inner status quo declaring I am enough, I am fit for the fight, I have my game plan and will do it afraid. Just as vitamins are vital to the proper functioning of your body, Vitamin M is vital to the proper functioning of your weekly mindset. In 30 minutes, you receive “Marchelle’s Motivation” that provides the boost needed to get up and take your shot.

Marchelle Sterling is enthusiastic about encouraging her audience to produce positive thinking, break down barriers, and exhibit resilience in any situation. This enthusiasm is why a weekly dosage of Vitamin M jumpstarts and carries you through the week. Marchelle not only shares Vitamin M with the audience, but she takes the same dose. She motivates through real life experiences that encourage you to follow your dreams, believe in and take care of yourself.

The Gospel Not Gossip

Tia Williams

Sunday 7:00 PM CST

The Gospel Not Gossip is a show that is founded on Biblical Principals and Believes in Christianity. The show will showcase/feature gospel artist, authors, producers, preachers/ministers and so much more. No negative or degrading topics will be allowed only encouragement, empowerment and uplifting productions. The Gospel will be preached on occasions!

tia williams.jpg
cc 16_9 TV COVER.png

Couple's Connect

Akida and Latisha Gray

Thursday 7:00 PM EST

Hey, ya'll! Welcome to Couples Connect! This show helps couples stay connected through real conversations about marriage and provides resources to help you stay together. Listen, it's not always easy, but it is worth it. So tune in as we do this together and have fun in the process.

GRL Hold Up!

Rickelle Felton

Wednesday 8:00 PM EST

GRL, Hold Up is a women's empowerment podcast/show that focuses on women's physical, spiritual and mental health. We discuss topics about dating, relationships, motherhood, self confidence and self-care, fashion, lifestyle, faith, business and sisterhood. Our mission is to create a space where women see themselves and are comfortable releasing and talking about their feelings to move forward with more confidence and knowledge to accomplish their goals and live their dream lives.

GRL HOLDUP Tv Graphic.png


Chasity and Tameka

Wednesday 7:00 PM CST

The Wholistic Business Plug will display the ups and downs of entrepreneurship as it pertains to your whole self. We will discuss navigating business from a wholistic approach.

Which means to provide support that looks at the whole person. We want to consider entrepreneurs physical, emotional, social and spiritual well being while building a brand.

The Overcomer TV Show

Tonya Ratliff

Sunday 7:30 PM CST

The Overcomer TV Show is a platform where inspiration, impartation, and instructions lead individuals to living a victorious life on purpose.

The mission of The Overcomer TV Show is to teach Kingdom principles thats lead to reigning and conquering through life and to also provide a platform for everyday ordinary individuals to share their stories of overcoming life’s circumstances


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